Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Storing food so you can see it

I posted yesterday about eating healthier.  I have a few things I do that I know will help me stay on track. I am a visual person and like to see pretty things even in the refrigerator. I took peaches and put them in a glass container and had peaches and cottage cheese for breakfast.

And, I like to snack while I cook.  So I got some grape tomatoes and put them in a bowl on the counter.  I also found these apothecary jars at Ross and I put cranberries, pecans and sunflower seeds in them.

I like to make salads and put them on it.  It's what I had for lunch today.

I want to say, thank you for stopping by and visiting.



  1. Love dried cherries or cranberries and sunflower seeds on my salad! Makes it much more special. :-) Sue

  2. Hi, I skipped the plant post above, because I can make a fake plant wilt, lol, and I know nothing about plants. Loving your tuscan dishes, and that salad is beautiful. I hopped over after seeing your comment to follow back and say thanks for stopping by my place. I will be back to explore when I get some house work done. Have a great week-end.