Sunday, March 30, 2014

Guest Bedroom #2

I've been redecorating one of the guest bedrooms. We have company coming tomorrow and I wanted to get it ready before they arrived. 

 I bought a lot of new things, but, the Rose Tree bedding I purchased from Tuesday Mornings a few years ago. I turned the comforter over to show the stripes the other side has flowers. I bought the ottoman at TJ Maxx it was marked for clearance, $99.00 (not a thing wrong with it, even had extra nails). Another one just like it was a few feet away, but was full price ($129.00).

 This room gets morning sun so I have to make sure that the blinds and curtains are closed before guests go to bed or they get woke up by Mr. Sunshine first thing in the morning. The curtains and dark brown pillows are from Home Goods.

I bought a pair of lamp's from Ross but, didn't like the way the two of them looked on each side of the bed. So, I kept the new one on the left side and took the one that was on the dresser and used it on the right side of the bed.

The basket holds my daughters mail until she gets here to get it.

I've thought about painting this armoire.  But, when I see it in pictures I just like the way it looks.

Here's a couple of close-ups of the vignette on top of the armoire.

The blue bottle was the only new purchase here. The radio was my husbands grandfathers, the mare and colt, and grapevine topiary were purchased at Hobby Lobby probably 3 or 4 years ago,

and the mirror came from Goodwill, of all places.

The dresser and the right night stand were my husbands grandparents. I would like to paint them and re-stain the top a darker color.

The dresser lamp I bought at Ross a few months back to put on the kitchen counter top. But, while I was playing musical lamps, it got moved to the dresser, who knows where something will look good until you try it, right.

 The birdcage came from Michael's yesterday (they were on sale for 50% off).  I filled it with some left over moss and twig balls from another project.

One last look at the dresser.

This is my view from my back porch

There are a lot of  babies. Although, they're growing fast.

I hope everyone has a great week. 

Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Historic U.S. Hi-Way 80 Sale

Ladies get your cars gassed up, walking shoes on, and crack open those piggy banks.  It’s time for the Historic U.S. Hi-Way 80 Sale.

This October 19, 20 & 21 there will be a three state sale that spans Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. It’s around 400 miles long and you can find yard sales set up in parking lots, fields, and peoples houses. So, if you’re anywhere near this Highway make plans to attend this historic event.

For more information and to print out a map before you start your treasure hunt you can go to

Hope to see you there and pass the word about this huge sale.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Wendy Wiggles

Wendy is a shelter rescue.  I've had her for a few months now and she is the most sweet baby.  She was a little shy at first, but now she's full of life and loves to set in my lap (especially when I have the lap top). 

Our other rescue dog Ziggy has taught her to chase grasshoppers, so now every evening they expect (have me trained) to be let out so we they can go hunting.

I love watching them run and play out in the field. So glad we've got these two little one's
Do you have fur babies(dogs, cats, goats, hamsters, etc)? What cute things do they do?

Thanks for sharing them with me :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets - a work in progress

This project is moving slower than a snails pace.  I just finished painting yesterday and still need to clear wax and dark wax.  I had cup pulls picked out for all the drawers and as I was looking at the details I noticed the projection was more than the distance I had to work with and that the drawer beneath the coffee pot and the one by the bar would hit the other drawers pulls.  I plan on putting an onlay/applique on the dummy drawer fronts under the sink. But, I had to rethink the rest of the hardware.  Now my plan is to add half round to all the cabinets and drawers. Apply an onlay to the middle of the uppers.  Tomorrow I will order knobs for the cabinets, drop pulls for the drawers that are above the base cabinets and cup pulls for the 4 that are stacked.

I want to paint the red dining room wall white too.

But for the moment and maybe until September (although, I sure hope not) this is what I have gotten done.  My best friend from high school is coming in this weekend, then my youngest daughter graduates from high school and we go for orientation for college the next week , not to mention my oldest daughter and son-in-law are coming for almost two weeks. And some time soon I need to go to my house in OK to check on things there.  Are any of you as crazy busy as I am?

 I hope everyone has a blessed week.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mod Podge Wine Bottle

A lady came into work today to send this bottle to her mother for mother's day.  It's a very tall wine bottle that she had glued cut out letters and words from magazines to.  I got her permission to take a few pictures of it before I packet it.  I think this would make a great graduation gift for my daughter.  Maybe use a cylinder glass vase and put flowers it.

Thanks for stopping by.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One of My All Time Favorite Valentine's

One of the happiest Valentine's Dinner I can remember!!!  My daughter (that is still home) and the guy she had been dating for well over a year broke up about two weeks ago.  So my husband and I decided we wanted to spend the evening with her.  We made homemade pizza's and not too long after we got started our daughter who's husband is station in New Mexico called and we all talked over speaker phone while we made our pizza's  and she made her dinner. Her husband works nights so she was home alone tonight :(.

We all had such a good time in the "Heart of the home".  "Valentine's Day" "Heart of the Home", get it :)  I just wanted to share a few pictures of our day with you.


 These were some of the best pizza's ever.

My daughters cheese pizza.  Sorry no after picture

Mine half with traditional sauce and half pesto

Traditional side with mushrooms, red bell pepper, and onions.  Pesto with tomatoes and basil.

Yum yum :)

My husbands with pepperoni, sausage (he's gotta have his meat), green olives, mushrooms, and red bell pepper!!! 

I tried a bite and I have to say I liked it.

I hope everyone's day was as nice as mine was.  Thanks for stopping by :)


Sunday, February 12, 2012

TJ Maxx Clearance Finds

I stopped on my way home from work Friday to see what was new at my favorite stores, you know the ones, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Home Goods.  I found two great tables at TJ Maxx on clearance.  This little white one had a leg broken off.  But it was marked down to $29.00 so I got it.  

I got out my wood glue and a clamp, wiped off the broken pieces to get any dust off and then put glue on both pieces, clamped them together, then left it to dry over night.  If you've never used this wood glue, let me tell you I think it's stronger than the wood itself after it has cured.

I put it in our bathroom. I finally finished painting it last night, well almost, the last thing that needs to be painted are the niches. You can see they're still white. But, I'll show you the before and after photos hopefully soon.  

The next one was marked down to $69.00 but I thought that it was still a little too pricey for what all was broke on it.  One of the back legs was broken off and missing (so we both thought), one door was off and the insert was out. So, I asked the manager if she could take any more off of it and she marked it down to $50.00

But, when I got home and took out the drawers I found the leg.  It had gotten wedged between the top and side of one of the drawers :)

I scrapped the lip of the door and reinserted the panel.  I filled the door hinge holes with glue and screwed the door back on.  After it had set for about 2 hours I turned it on its top and glued the leg back on.

I put it at the top of the staircase.  I just love the way it looks there.

This morning I started painting my kitchen cabinets (at least the parts that the backsplash will touch).  I think I might need to paint something else to get used to painting with chalk paint.  I knew it would be thick I just didn't realize how thick.  But, I do think I'll like using it because a LITTLE goes a long way.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check out the clearance items and don't be afraid to ask for additional $$$ off.


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