Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets - a work in progress

This project is moving slower than a snails pace.  I just finished painting yesterday and still need to clear wax and dark wax.  I had cup pulls picked out for all the drawers and as I was looking at the details I noticed the projection was more than the distance I had to work with and that the drawer beneath the coffee pot and the one by the bar would hit the other drawers pulls.  I plan on putting an onlay/applique on the dummy drawer fronts under the sink. But, I had to rethink the rest of the hardware.  Now my plan is to add half round to all the cabinets and drawers. Apply an onlay to the middle of the uppers.  Tomorrow I will order knobs for the cabinets, drop pulls for the drawers that are above the base cabinets and cup pulls for the 4 that are stacked.

I want to paint the red dining room wall white too.

But for the moment and maybe until September (although, I sure hope not) this is what I have gotten done.  My best friend from high school is coming in this weekend, then my youngest daughter graduates from high school and we go for orientation for college the next week , not to mention my oldest daughter and son-in-law are coming for almost two weeks. And some time soon I need to go to my house in OK to check on things there.  Are any of you as crazy busy as I am?

 I hope everyone has a blessed week.



  1. Your kitchen is looking great! What a difference paint makes.

  2. There is never enuf time to do everything we want to do! LOL Your cabinets are looking realy good- what a change from the dark finish they once were. Stay sane - I know I have way too much on my own plate and am going a little batty, myself! Take care, Theresa. ~Sue

  3. I am in love with your kitchen. Simply gorgeous! Three Mango Seeds

  4. This looks awesome!!!! Hope to see more soon.

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