Sunday, March 6, 2011

I found a Birdcage and she's beautiful

My cousin and I went to First Monday Trade Days today.  We got there at 7:30 (way before anyone else), then we found out most of the venders didn't open until 8:30 on Sunday.  Let me back up a minute, just as I was taking the buggy out of the car, I saw some money laying on the ground was a $20.00.  It didn't last long because I bought us breakfast since we had an hour or so to until all the shops opened. I've been looking for a birdcage to turn into a hanging light.  I found it, I found it.  YAY!!!  Now all I need to do it get a light to go in it.  But, that will have to wait because, I start helping my dad tile his bathroom tomorrow.  YAY again, I get to spend time with my dad and I get to do something I like. 

Peace, Love & Decorate


Isn't she a beauty :)  I'll post pictures of my progress a little later.

A close-up.  I love the little flower looking thing.

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  1. Happy Monday, Theresa!
    Welcome to blogland! YAY, I'm your 1st follower! *smile* I love your Birdcage find. I have several throughout my house and I love using them to decorate through the seasons.

    I can't wait to see your birdcage light...what a great idea and different, too!

    Have a great week! Oh, and thank you for the nice comments on my kitchen post. ((Hugs)) ~Liz