Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Woo Hoo for Ross

Okay, I must admit that I was a little jealous when I read Savvy Seasons by Liz Wednesdays blog post http://www.savvyseasons.com/2011/03/reliable-ross.html.  She had found a beautiful picture frame and I was in Oklahoma helping my dad lay tile in his bathroom and the nearest Ross was over 3 hours away (UGH!!!).  I got back in town Friday and before I even went home I stopped at Ross to see if by some chance I might find one I liked.  Woo Hoo I did, I did.  I even found one like Liz got (okay the jealousy is gone now).  Just look at all these beauties

If you look close at the bottom one you can see my mom and me in the little frame :)

Well, I'll meet you ladies back here tomorrow for Whassup Wednesday.

Peace, Love & Decorate


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