Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day

Good afternoon ladies.  I hope everyone had a great Mothers Day :)  My hubby and I got back home Saturday evening from working on the building for our restaurant.  More on the restaurant tomorrow, so come back :) My oldest daughter that lives in New Mexico sent me flowers that got here a short time after we got home.  I know what your thinking, "Oh, how sweet."  Yes, she is :)  Can you tell I'm happy by all the smiley faces.  These are the flowers.

Then Sunday morning  my youngest daughter gave me flowers too.

Again, I know what your thinking, "Oh, how sweet."  Yes, she is :) lol.  For dinner we out to eat at a Japanese Steak house.  I love to watch those guys do the tricks with fire and the knives.  And ladies I have just as sweet a husband too.  I was doing some laundry after we got home and when I came back into the living room I saw this

My very own laptop!!!!  and yepper it's PURPLE.  I can blog from our building now.  Happy days are here again :) :)  I'm still trying to get it personalized but, I'll haver there soon.  So, I had a great Mothers Day.  I'm not sure which one wanted me to have my own laptop more, my daughter: because I always had hers (it's just like mine but white), my hubby: because when we were at the building I had his and he wouldn't let me blog (dangers of the dark side of the internet) and he had to listen to me whining the whole week or me: because I wanted to blog and couldn't.  But, I have one now and I LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! 

See everyone tomorrow.

Peace, Love & Decorate

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